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Meet the Entrepreneur Who Turned an Idea into $200M in Debt Relief

Episode Summary

Get the scoop on Upsolve, an award-winning nonprofit that created a free tool for low-income families to file for bankruptcy. Brought to you by GoDaddy.

Episode Notes

Find out how a nonprofit created a free tool for low-income families to file for bankruptcy.


During his time as a Harvard undergrad, Rohan Pavuluri embarked on a “project” that quickly led him to launch a full-fledged business out of pure necessity. He deep dived into learning the ins and outs of civil legal law, which sparked a solution that would debunk the idea of needing to pay for a lawyer and close the gaps for those who needed legal help. And just like that, Upsolve was born — a free, positive and empowering app that helps low-income families file for bankruptcy with ease. As the business transformed from a brick-and-mortar legal aid clinic to an online technology company, Rohan and his activist-driven team were able to build a sustainable nonprofit business that has provided over 200 million dollars in debt relief for families across America — and the ambitious goal of increasing that number to 1 billion dollars. They remain an unstoppable force to find income opportunities, connect with big funders and inspire the industry to make a positive change. Catch the full story as he chats with Sarah Funk and Maxym Martineau about how Upsolve strives to allow those who are going through a financial crisis to bounce back with a fresh start, especially during COVID-19.


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